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‘Pietà’, by van Gogh

Van Gogh [30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890] based his ‘Pietà’ on a lithograph of a painting by Eugène Delacroix.
In fact, it is more a variation on the original work than a copy. From Delacroix, Van Gogh took the theme of the Virgin Mary mourning the dead Christ, as well as the composition. He added his own colour and personal signature.

The painting resulted from an accident. Van Gogh wrote, ‘that lithograph of Delacroix, the Pietà, with other sheets had fallen into some oil and paint and got spoiled. I was sad about it – then in the meantime I occupied myself painting it, and you’ll see it one day.’ The lithograph has survived, complete with stain. Via Van Gogh Museum.

‘Lamentation’, by Fra Bartolomeo

From Fra Bartolomeo [March 28, 1472 – October 6, 1517], Lamentation, 1511-12 – Galleria Palatina, Florence

Deep emotion presented soberly and gracefully is the hallmark of Fra Bartolomeo. The Pietà at the centre evokes pity, while on either side, the grieving evangelist John, the beloved disciple, and Mary Magdalen hold Christ but do not touch him directly.

‘La reina Zenobia ante el emperador Aureliano’, de Tiepolo

De Giambattista Tiepolo [5 Março 1696, Veneza – 27 Março 1770, Madrid],
La reina Zenobia ante el emperador Aureliano, c. 1717.

Episodio de la historia de la reina de Palmira, que formó parte de la decoración de un salón en el Palacio Zenobio de Venecia, con escenas de la vida de la reina, cuyo nombre era el de la familia. Zenobia, reina de Palmira, mantuvo la independencia de su reino y gobernó frente al acoso de Roma entre los años 262 y 272 d. C., cuando fue derrotada y hecha prisionera por el emperador Aureliano. Via Museu do Prado.

Ludwig van Beethoven’s death

Ludwig van Beethoven died in Vienna on this day 26 March in 1827. The artist Josef Teltscher, in the room at the time, made a number of drawings of the dying composer. This sketchbook is part of The British Library Music Collections.

‘Figures in a Courtyard behind a House’, by Pieter de Hooch

From Pieter de Hooch [20 Dec 1629 (baptized) – 24 Mar 1684], ‘Figures in a Courtyard behind a House’, c. 1663 – c. 1665.

In his Delft period, De Hooch turned to a new subject, namely brightly lit figures in a back garden. The people depicted in this scene seem somewhat out of place and could just as easily be found in a dimly lit tavern. Seduction is in the air. The galant (or suitor) casts a flirtatious glance at the girl squeezing the juice of a lemon into her glass.

Pieter de Hooch [1629 -1684] – Figures in a Courtyard behind a House, c. 1663 – c. 1665.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

‘Mujer sentada’, de Juan Gris

Juan Gris [23 Mar 1887 – 11 Mai 1927]

Mujer sentada, 1917


‘A Prisão de Cristo’, de Sir Anthony van Dick

De Sir Anthony van Dick [22 Março 1599 – 9 Dezembro 1641], artista do barroco flamengo discípulo de Rubens, cuja actividade se desenvolveu na Flandres, em Itália e Inglaterra, onde foi pintor da corte de Carlos I, ‘A Prisão de Cristo’ – 1618-20, que pertence ao Museu do Prado.

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