‘One Flight Up’, de Dexter Gordon

Gravado em 2 Junho 1964 para a Blue Note nos estúdios da CBS em Paris, One Flight Up contou com a participação de: Donald Byrd [1932-2013], trompete e autor do tema Tanya * Dexter Gordon [1923-1990], saxofone tenor * Kenny Drew [1928-1993], piano * Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen [1946-2005], contrabaixo * Art Taylor [1929-1995], bateria.

Having a few earlier Dexter albums where he solos more or less continuously, it’s great to find him give lots of space to the other players, particularly in the Byrd-penned “Tanya” which  occupies all of side one, almost eighteen minutes. A minor modal vamp, shifting backwards and forwards, resolving in a boppish rhythmic romp, only to restart. Dexter is quietly restrained, Byrd plays to Hubbard, Drew plays to Pearson and Hancock, Taylor mixes Blakey with a touch of Williams, and NHOP walks dreamlike through the 18 minute space. Choose your own analogies and adjectives, hypnotic, intoxicating stuff. – The LondonJazzCollector.

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