Arquivo de 22 de Fevereiro, 2010

World Press Photo 2010

On june 12, 2009 the Iranian presidential elections were held, and the results were strongly contested by the population. For the first time after the Islamic Revolution, Iranians expressed all their dissent, organizing huge demonstrations against the regime. But the protest was not limited to demonstrations in public spaces. Every night at 10:00, citizens gathered on building rooftops to continue their protests, chanting “Allah u Akbar,” (Allah is great). At times, these chants would be interrupted by other, more indignant, chants of “Marg bar diktator” (Death to the dictator). During these protests, the dark Tehran nights were haunted by the ghost-like shadows and their eerie voices. Dreams, memories, emotions, and hopes roam around like ghosts on the rooftops of Tehran.

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