‘What Know’, de Lee Morgan

What Know, Lee Morgan’s original, marks one of those increasingly prevalent uses of a compelling melodic device – the pick-up phrase that’s longer than what it leads into. Here we have a theme built mainly around phrases that open with a three – or four-note pick-up, lasting generally for two and a half beats, and close with two notes on the first beat of the following measure. It’s an attractive effect, used here most engagingly in the minor mode. Timmons’s chorded passage stands out in a series of brilliant solos. The side closes with a flash of the theme, long enough to afford a solo glimpse of Timmons and Pee-Wee’s disclosure that we have been listening to the Soul Brothers. Via Blue Note.

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Meet You at the Jazz Corner of the World, 1960
Lee Morgan, trompete | Wayne Shorter, sax tenor
Jymie Merritt, baixo | Bobby Timmons, piano | Art Blakey, bateria

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