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We have seen the unseeable!

“We have gone right to the edge of the event horizon, and seen the point of no return,”
Avery Broderick, EHT researcher


The EHT – an interconnected network of eight telescopes around the world — is the highest-resolution instrument in the history of astronomy, which was needed to capture the image of the black hole 55 million light years away.

‘Concerto comique’ de Michel Corrette

De Michel Corrette [10 Abr 1707 – 21 Jan 1795], o último dos seus populares Concertos Comiques:

Concerto comique No.25 in G minor “Les sauvages et La Furstemberg”, c.1773
1. Les Sauvages – Allegro
2. Quand on scait aimer et plaire – Andante
3. La Furstemberg – Allegro
Musica Antiqua Köln | Reinhard Goebel | Henk Bouman (harpsichord)

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