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The Harmony of the World

The Harmony of the World: Book V – XLII. Proposition – By Joahannes Kepler [1571-1630]
Kepler’s Harmonices Mundi

The greater common proportion of Mars and the Earth, or that of their diverging motions, was necessarily made 54:125, less than the harmony 5:12 confirmed by the a priori arguments.


For Mars`s own proportion had to be a diapente, from which a diesis was removed, by the previous proposition. However, the common proportion of the converging motions of Mars and the Earth, or the lesser common proportion, had to be a diapente, 2:3, by XV. Last, the Earth’s own proportion is a doubled diesis, from which a comma has been removed, by XXVI and XXVIII. Now of these elements elements is composed the greater proportion, or that of the diverging motions, of Mars and the Earth; and it comes to two diapentes [or 4:9, that is 108:243] together with one diesis which is mutilated of a comma, that is together with 243:250. That is, it comes to 198:250, or 54:125, that is 608:1500. But that is less than 625:1500, that is, than 5:12, by the factor of 608:625, and that is nearly 36:37, less than the smallest melodic interval.

Miles Davis: The Complete Live at The Plugged Nickel

Volto ao standard Stella by Starlight, integrado na série de oito discos gravados ao vivo no Clube Plugged Nickel de Chigado,  pouco antes do Natal de 1965. A composição do segundo quinteto, com Wayne Shorter a substituir George Coleman no saxofone tenor, recupera os solos da explosão criativa de finais da década de 50. Back to basics…! 🙂

Stella by Starlight (Live at the Plugged Nickel, Chicago, IL) (1st Set) (- December 22, 1965) · Miles Davis
The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel – 1965
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