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Thomas Adès – The Tempest

The Tempest é uma uma ópera em três actos, de Thomas Adès; Com libretto de Meredith Oakes, numa adaptação da peça de Shakespeare, teve a sua estreia mundial no Royal Opera House-Covent Garden-Londres, em 2004, onde voltaria a ser representada, depois de ter marinado durante três anos. 🙂
Foi então registada para a EMI, que agora a disponibiliza.

“In the three years since its premiere, Thomas Adès and Meredith Oakes’s haunting re-imagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest has marinated in the mind. It now has the bearing of a modern classic. With a second, or in my case, third visit, you really start to appreciate the ingenious way in which Oakes alludes to Shakespeare without necessarily quoting him. Then there is Adès’s instinctive feeling for the pulse of the drama, his unerring sense of the magic that may provide the key to ‘a brave new world’ where the sins of the parents might not be revisited on the children.”
Edward Seckerson, The Independent
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