‘Still Life with Bouquet’, de Pierre-Auguste Renoir

From Pierre-Auguste Renoir [25 February 1841 – 3 December 1919], French leading painter in the development of the Impressionism, “Still Life with Bouquet”, 1871. See this work in Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

This work is a résumé, in the form of a still life, of the artistic influences on Auguste Renoir’s early career. The print hanging on the wall is an etching by the leader of early Impressionism, Édouard Manet, of a painting hanging in the Louvre by the 17th-century realist painter Diego Velazquez. The print, along with the objects arrayed on the table—the bouquet of roses wrapped in crisp florist’s paper, the Asian fan and vase, and the leather-bound books—strike a tone of fashionable modernity.

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