Darwin: A Life in Poems



The deck is dazzle, fish-stink, gauze-covered buckets.
  Gelatinous ingots, rainbows of wet flinching amethyst
  and flubbed, iridescent cream. All this
means he’s better; and working on a haul of lumpen light:

polyps, plankton, jellyfish and sea butterflies, the pteropods.
  “So low in the scale of nature, so exquisite in their forms!
  You wonder at so much beauty — created,
apparently, for such little purpose!” They lower his creel

to blue pores of subtropical ocean. Wave-flicker, white
  like a gun-flash over the blown heart of sapphire.
  Peacock eyes, beaten and swollen,
tossing on lazuline steel.

in Darwin: a life in poems (2009), de Ruth Padel – descendente de Darwin


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