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Lawrence Brown, Trombonist with Duke Ellington

Lawrence Brown was born August 3, 1907 in Kansas. He began his career with Charlie Echols and Paul Howard. In 1932 he joined Duke Ellington. His great technical command of the instrument, with its “creamy tone, neurotic vibrato and range” was featured with Ellington’s band every year in compositions such as “Blue Cellophane” and “Golden Cress,” (Carr, Fairweather, & Priestly) Brown left Ellington’s band in 1951 to join a band led by ex-Ellington sideman Johnny Hodges, where he stayed until 1955. After leaving Hodges, Brown took a position for CBS playing studio sessions for five years. Brown rejoined Ellington in 1960 and stayed with him until 1970. After leaving Ellington’s band Brown quit performing for good. He died in Los Angeles on September 5, 1988.Via.
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