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Heaven Can Wait… and the Earth too!

Endeavour in the Storm…”Surely as there are storms and falling rain…there is a new dawn approaching…and the sun will shine again”. Space will patiently wait…

Now, that’s what we call a room with a view. Douglas H. Wheelock photographed fellow astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson gazing at the view of Earth from a window in the Cupola on the International Space Station, before she headed home with teammates Sasha and Misha on a Soyuz space craft. Via.

The Leading Edge

A close-up view of the exterior of space shuttle Endeavour‘s crew cabin, starboard wing and payload bay door was provided by the station’s Expedition 16 crew. Before docking with the station, STS-123 commander Dominic Gorie flew the shuttle through a roll pitch maneuver, basically a backflip, to provide the station crew with a good view of Endeavour’s heat shield.


Using digital still cameras equipped with both 400 and 800 millimeter lenses, the station crew took a number of photos of the shuttle’s thermal protection system and sent them to teams on the ground for analysis. A 400 millimeter lens was used for this image.

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