Pandit Bhajan Sopori no Museu do Oriente

Concerto no Museu do Oriente | 4 de Março, 21h30
Pandit Bhajan Sopori, Santoor clássico | Acompanhado por: Durjoy Bhowmik – tabla (percussão)
Rishi Shankar Upadhyay – pakhawaj (percussão) | Veethika Tikoo – sur-santoor

[…] Panditji was born in Srinagar (Kashmir) into a family of musicians of the fabled 300 year old ‘Sufiana Gharana’ of Kashmir, the exclusive traditional Santoor family of the country. Panditji, the Legendary Santoor Maestro and Music Composer, has been the pioneer in establishing the Santoor at global platforms as a complete solo instrument. The quiet and unassuming maestro has come long way since he created history by being the first person to play the Indian Classical music on the Santoor in concerts way back in the early 1950’s. In his six decades of dedicated work he has explored various dimensions of the Santoor, carrying out many path-breaking innovations and introduced the ‘Sopori Baaj’, the systematic style of playing the classical Santoor.
Panditji combines a profound knowledge of music and musicology and has carried out immense research on Naad and Naad Yoga (sound therapy). He has composed music for films, commercials, documentaries, serials, operas, chorals, etc. He is the only classical musician of the country to have composed music for more than 5000 songs in different languages. […] Via.

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